Shared Topic: New mods for Cataclysm

Elkagora suggested the Shared Topic for this week : What would you change in the UI with Cataclysm?

Recently, Blizzard added a lot a new features from the most used addons to the base wow interface : chat improvement, equipment manager… And it continue for Cataclysm. There will be a new raid interface, looking a lot like Grid or Vuhdo (without the click-to-cast feature), a Power Auras-like option to show procs…

At the moment, I use a lot of addons. And I couldn’t enjoy playing without most of them.

But in the beta, I don’t have any addons (we can’t use any addon in the beta for now). Surprisingly, I’ve been having a pretty good playing experience. The only thing that still bugs me in the beta interface is having to look in the corner of my screen to monitor my health level. And not being able to watch my procs, but it’ll be solved very soon it seems.

So if I was a developer and had some spare time to integrate new addons to the Cataclysm UI, here is what I’d do :

  • Allow players to move player and target unit frames (or create a hud).
  • Allow players to scale different elements of the interface independently. Especially, the actions bar take way too much place on my screen, but if I scale the whole interface down I can’t read anything in the other elements.

If these where implemented, I think I could play without any addon.

There are some feature I’d love to see to, but I suppose I could live without it :

  • Better cooldowns monitoring : either with big numbers on the action bar, moveable buff-like icons, more options in the new “power auras” feature…
  • The possibility to add or filter buffs in the new raid interface and in the new power aura feature

A damage meter would be useful too, but I don’t think Blizzard will implement it, and I don’t want to, gearscore is anoying enough without having the damage meter be a core part of the game.

And you, are there other addons you’d like to see in the Cataclysm interface ?

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