Shared Topic: Mementos

FeralTree Suggested for this week’s Shared Topic to look at our bags for our wow mementos :

What items or mementos have you kept (in your toon’s pack or bank) and why? Whether it be keepsakes, quest rewards, special items, random drops, whatever! – why did you decide to hang on to it? What’s its significance to you?

So here is a list of my favourite mementos amongst all items I keep preciously in my inventory :

Don Carlos’ Famous Hat

twin ghost wolves

One of my favourite mementos : I so love the twins ghost wolves.

Argent War Horn

Argent War Horn

I got this one during the event before the launching of Wrath of the Lich King. This trinket summon a typical Paladin to help you… who of course use Divine Protection + heathstone when he has finished his job.

Old Ironjaw

You need to fish this one in Ironforge for this achievement. Some friends of mine where trying to catch him for a long time when I fished it. I just fished while waiting for a bg queue and got it on the second time !

Stitches’ Femur


You can loot this mace on the elite abomination who regularly attack Darkshire.

Dartol’s Rod of Transformation

Furbolg transformation

You could get this item by beginning the alliance quest series Reane’s Cleaning and not finishing it. I don’t know if it still possible though. Beware, if you have the rod and change faction, you’ll loose it!

Time-Lost Figurine

Skettis transformation

Another item that transform you (I love these !). He drops off Terokk, a level 70 elite mob you can summon in Skettis.

And you, what are your favourite mementos ?

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