Do you have your Westfall chicken yet ?

This post is an answer for this week’s Shared Topic, suggested by Syl  from Raging Monkeys.

In fact, I wrote this posts 2 weeks ago after ready 2 posts about WoW Secrets. Klepsacovic from Troll racials are overpowered explained about the most obscure quest in WoW and the Raging Monkey about Dalaran shoe-shine boy. The post was just missing a few picture before publishing when I saw this was the next week’s Shared Topic. So here is my “WoW secret”:

There is a secret quests in Westfall1I like to do with every character leveling in the area. Especially as the quest reward you with a cute Westfall chicken pet.

There is a farm in Westfall with a few chickens outside.

Westfall chicken house

Right Here !

Of course, the farmer has got some special chicken food to feed them.

Westfall Farmer

Do you fancy some seeds ?

If you talk to him you can buy this food2. And, if the chickens like you, you can also feed them. But, how can you make the chicken love you, you ask ?

Simple, just /chicken at a chicken.



But chickens must be deaf AND blind, as you’ll certainly have to /chicken a lot of time to make them care. When the chicken finally hear you, he’ll become friendly and give you a low level quest.



Then, if you give him some food, he’ll leave you an egg on the floor, with your long-awaited Westfall chicken in it !

Westfall Chicken

Enjoy your new Westfall chicken pet !


  1. In fact you can do this quest anywhere in the neighborhood of a chicken
  2. If you’re Horde side, you can now buy this food at William Saldean in Drill

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