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What's in a name

Choosing a name has always been the painful part while creating a new alt for me. For my first 2 character, my hubby kind of choose the names for me. But after that I elaborated a strategy to find names I love. Sometimes it doesn’t work very well but most often I’m very comfortable with my character names. Here are my favorite names and how I found them:


Zahia is the first name I’m really happy with. Well, I was, because there is now a famous Zahia 1 in France I wish I weren’t sharing my name with her. Zahia is a draenei, and is simply named after my sister’s goat. (Yes my sister has a goat as a pet, don’t ask me where she got that idea!)


If you read Mirabelle’s story, you should have a pretty good idea of how I choose this name. My grand father makes Mirabelle brandy. It’s strong but very good with a bit of sugar. Some day I rerolled with a friend who called his character Vodkà. I thought it would be fun to call mine Mirabelle. Since this day I called many red-haired characters Mirabelle (or more often Mirabël as Mirabelle is already taken) on different servers.


Petronille was a character from a book I loved when I was a child : Petronille and her 120 children.


For my paladin, I looked for gaelic traduction of “Holy” and found “Naomh”. Add an “Y” to make the name fit better… Done!


For my hunter I though about my grand father, Jean, who is an hunter too. I picked a german version of the name (Hans) and added a “A” to make it fit for a female character.

These are my character’s names I’m the most happy with. I also like Etzebeth, but I don’t remember how I found this one. When I don’t already know which name I’ll pick, I often use a gaelic dictionnary, or a site that lists names from different countries for babies.


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